It is important to state what we believe, to be clear to all Church members and to those who may be enquiring. It’s always a good idea to read through the doctrines of the Church occasionally to remind ourselves of the basic beliefs:

1) God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are equal participants in one undivided Godhead. God’s unlimited authority is constantly at work in the Universe He has created, in His provision for that creation, and in His plan for taking the costly steps necessary to bring it back into His original purpose

2) Jesus is fully God and also fully human. He was conceived within His mother, Mary, by God’s power and not through normal sexual relations. What He says is invariably true and authoritative, and through His death, which He chose to endure solely on our behalf, He takes us in our failure to meet up to God’s standard, and puts us at peace with God. After His death He was brought back to life, His human body changed into one that would never decay, and in this form He was seen leaving the earth. He remains fully part of the Godhead, and is always acting as a mediator, bringing God and those who believe and follow Him into ever-closer unity.

3) The writers of the Bible wrote under God’s control, and all of their words are His words for us. The New Testament reliably confirms that God is the author of the Old Testament. To understand the Bible as fully as God intends, we need to be taught by the Holy Spirit as we read it.

4) The whole human race has become imperfect in God’s eyes, and, as a result, all people are failures from birth by God’s standards, making it essential for each to receive God’s offer of new life.

5) Faith that Jesus’ death on our behalf is able to restore us to being at peace with God, and acknowledgement of Jesus’ authority over our lives, is the only way in which people who are imperfect in God’s eyes can come up to His standard.

6) The work of the Holy Spirit is necessary to make the change of direction in life required when understanding and accepting God’s offer of peace with Him, and also in the subsequent process of becoming more like Him. The Holy Spirit is also essential for us as we attend to the spiritual needs of others, worship God, and use the gifts of the Spirit in our varying roles within the Church.

7) All believers, everywhere, are together, the physical presence of Jesus on earth (The Church). Their purpose is to bring about acceptance by all people of God’s spiritual authority over their lives, according to the teachings of both the Old and New Testaments.