A Christian’s Commitment


While a statement of doctrines is very detailed, it is useful to know in simple terms what is expected of being a Christian in Christ’s Body, The Church:

Every person seeking to become part of The Church should have a clear understanding of what they are coming into, what they can expect from others, and what is expected of them. The following points need to be kept in mind, so that as a community of God’s people, we can express the life of Christ which we all share.

Commitment To Jesus Christ As Lord

Repentance And Faith

We have been convicted of our sin, have repented, and are trusting ourselves and our future life to Christ.

Jesus Is Lord

Our first commitment is to Jesus Christ as Lord – we have committed ourselves to follow Him and to do His will. We seek to obey His word and yield every area of our lives to His control and direction.

Baptism In Water

This demonstrates that we have put our past behind us, and are beginning to live in newness of life, empowered by the Holy Spirit

Baptism In The Holy Spirit

This is God’s sovereign act, in which He baptizes us with His Spirit to empower us to live victoriously. We seek the baptism and receive it with assurance. (Luke chapter 11 verses 11 – 13). This is an ongoing baptism. (Ephesians chapter 5 verse 18)


The word of God and the Spirit of God both teach us that our relationship with God will be reflected in our attitude to other believers. Jesus demonstrated humility and a constant desire to do His Father’s will. We will want to stay close to God, and serve Him through His Body, The Church.

Our Commitment To One Another

Our Vision

To be a church, reflecting the love of God in the community in which we live and worship. The fruit and gifts of the Spirit enable us to reflect God’s love and power. We will seek to serve and evangelize the community, to make disciples of Christ, and, where possible, co-operate with other Christians in the area to express the unity of Christ’s Body, The Church.


Loyalty is the fruit of commitment as we grow to trust each other. We should be eager to pray for and encourage each other.


Giving is an act of worship and commitment to God. We believe that Scripture suggests that a minimum of one tenth of our income should be given, but that God loves a cheerful giver.

The Leaders’ Commitment To The Church

To Care

The leaders care for the people in their charge as a shepherd for his sheep. By prayer, example, encouragement, teaching and love, their aim is to guide each person to maturity in Christ, so that all develop in character and gifts.

Our Commitment To The Leaders


Submitted to each other, we should be willing to accept the vision and direction of the church, and to work this through together as we share our lives. The leadership are there to give prayer and guidance, and, on request, will willingly pray and counsel. (James chapter 5 verse 14)


We should pray for the leaders in their calling to lead and care for God’s people.