‘With Christians, a poetical view of things is a duty. We are bid to colour all things with hues of faith, to see a divine meaning in every event’.

Cardinal Newman

A poem can say so much in just a few words. Many of us will have poetry we heard or read, possibly many years ago, but which we remember and maybe can still quote. A poem can cause us to look at life’s experiences in a different way. It can reflect our praise and worship in a fresh way. Just as the Holy Spirit inspired the Psalmists, may He inspire us to write words which, in turn, can inspire others.

Here are some of the many I have written over the years. Others will appear in the Facebook Group (use the link) and even short ones on the Twitter page (use the link for ‘Christ’s Body The Church’. Please email any poems you have written to be considered for inclusion.




Now the plaintive Christmas choirs
Lend their sound to receptive ears,
As the festive season returns.
Christ the babe echoes throughout -
Yet many ears are deaf to the message -
Minds encumbered with what needs
To be done, to survive
The pressing celebrations.
If only we could really see,
Hear and smell the stable,
Feel the cold of a winter's night,
Sense the ache in Joseph's limbs,
Know the doubts in Mary's mind.
Surely - not here -
In this rat-infested place -
The Son of God?



Why, why, how many times
Have we asked why?

When the birds sing,
The river runs steady in its path,
Why does life simply pass us by?

Where, where, how often lost,
Do we cry where?

When the paths conflict,
Confuse our state of mind,
We wander aimlessly never crying - there!

Who, who, always blaming someone,
But who knows who?

What is the meaning of the puzzle?
Fact or fiction never rhymes -
Accusations plenty, answers few.

When, when, how long must we wait
Before the when?

Travellers all,
With little thought of destination,
Only that we could hope to live again.



Confidence falters at this time of day.
We wonder whether we will overcome?
Overall the feeling is tense and glum,
To see an ending seems a long long way.

Appears we have forgotten how to pray.
Science should deliver all the sums?
Confidence falters at this time of day.
We wonder whether we will overcome?

Perhaps it will be different today,
But no, the figures only leave us dumb.
Has anyone considered Christ may come?
Ridiculous the thought is what we say.
Confidence falters at this time of day.
We wonder whether we will over come?



The murmur of what might have been,
Has now begun to fade.
The sound of all those people lost,
Within the ground now laid.

Listen to the hue and cry,
Could we have done much more?
The world's agenda is unseen.
Note, what has gone before.

The making of this rare disease
Is in the life we chose,
Turning from the Father's Son
Who lived, who died, who rose.



There are hundreds of sounds
In the twilight,
That you and I can hear,
Without fear,
Or the reluctant trembling
Of the heart.

There are notes of a hymn
In the dim shadows,
And this is why I write -
To help you understand
The Reason.



If, in this deepest hour of yearning
        I could only say, 'Amen',
Would You deliver me instantly
        To my former home?

If, on the seashores of eternity,
        I touched the wounded sand,
Would You bring Your healing grace to bare
        Upon my withered hand?

If, in all this landscape, there were no hills,
        Would You find me some?
Or, would I have to rest contented,
        Blind, deaf, dumb?

Here, in a thousand minarets of time,
        The early hours sparkle with delight.
I am glad to know that You are ever-present,
        To cast my deepest yearnings out of sight.