‘With Christians, a poetical view of things is a duty. We are bid to colour all things with hues of faith, to see a divine meaning in every event’.

Cardinal Newman

A poem can say so much in just a few words. Many of us will have poetry we heard or read, possibly many years ago, but which we remember and maybe can still quote. A poem can cause us to look at life’s experiences in a different way. It can reflect our praise and worship in a fresh way. Just as the Holy Spirit inspired the Psalmists, may He inspire us to write words which, in turn, can inspire others.

Here are some of the many I have written over the years. Others will appear in the Facebook Group (use the link) and even short ones on the Twitter page (use the link for ‘Christ’s Body The Church’. Please email any poems you have written to be considered for inclusion.




If all the earth began, as we believe,
From one loud bang, and out of it came life,
Then it must follow, we cannot conceive
Eternal beauty, only war and strife.
For greed will sap the purpose to survive,
And we will kill to gain all that we need,
And gaining more will always be our drive
Devouring all before us as we breed,
Until again the great explosion's heard,
The earth gives up its freedom to provide.
Perhaps then, we will listen, hear His Word -
It was for you I lived and loved and died.



If fear resolves to play a part in me,
I will recoil to You and stand my ground.
My childhood days were filled with fearful sounds,
But knowing You has set my spirit free,
And when the claws of loneliness reach me,
I now remember, I am not alone.
My power to compensate has grown.
Walking with You I have no need to be.
So few have such a friend as I have made,
Who sought me out, and would not let me go,
With nothing about me He does not know -
A friendship and a love which will not fade.



Mumurings, beneath the surface of life.
The earth shudders, like cogs grinding to a halt.
Perhaps the hand is moving to compel
Life-forces to sound the death bell.
The dragon fears its final revenge
Is imminent. Helpless to defend,
Its hopes shattered to pieces
By the warrior on the cross.
Lay the earth bare,
Erase all the memories
Of self-driven demons
Who thought they owned empires,
Estates and the masses.
Lift up the pained and penniless
To the mighty throne.
Restore creation in all its glory,
And harmony.
Hear the loud Amen!



Dare we begin to crucify the mind,
Inflicting pain, admitting all we know
Is based on false assumptions. Leave behind
The intellectual myth we have allowed to grow.

Replenishing wisdom means turning to Him,
The One who crucified His life for us to live.
As much as we resist, we must begin
Relinquishing greed. We must learn to give.

Prepared as He was to live and die,
Rescuing us from satan's sharpened claws,
How little is required for us to try
To turn to Him, as His salvation draws.



Recover what you always hoped you gave.
The singer and the song may live again,
Communicating with a soft refrain.
The purpose of the words always to save.
The melody is caught upon a wave
In tandem they exalt the Saviour's reign,
Cry freedom, for Mankind is won through pain -
The One who died, exalted from the grave.

I know I have a reason to believe.
I know my Saviour lives, and lives in me.
The gentle Holy Spirit has revealed.
Repent in faith, for sure you will receive
His Spirit, and a song of victory.
The purposes of God are not concealed.



Now, overtures are silent.
The wait goes on
For the final overcoming.
Evil exudes encouragement,
Believing it has control,
Half-knowing there will be
A bitter end.
Recoiling at the thought
That truth and love
Will finally overcome,