Suggested Reading


Over the years there have been many inspiring and God-centred books. During the charismatic renewal there was almost a glut of Spirit-inspired reading. However, reading is one thing. Allowing what we read to permeate our lives and make a difference to our walk with God is another. We must, of course, be discerning with any advice we receive from books. Towards the end of the 1980s, God may have noticed that many were becoming readaholics (as well as meetingaholics) without actually encompassing what He was saying to the Church.

Since that time, the Christian publishing industry has become increasingly secularized in its approach.

Suggested reading encourages us to go back to read, or re-read, some of the God-inspired books from the past. Others may like to suggest books which have made a difference in their walk with God:

1. Let Us Abide – Judson Cornwall - publ. Fleming H. Revell Company

2. Power For The Body Of Christ - Michael Harper - publ. The Fountain Trust (may now be out of print so may need to search for it)

3. Discipleship - David Watson - Hodder & Stoughton

4. Praying The Scriptures - Judson Cornwall - publ. Creation House

5. More Than Conquerors - William Hendriksen - publ. Baker Books

6. Turn Your Back On The Problem - Malcolm Smith - publ. Logos International

7. Let Us Be Holy - Judson Cornwall - publ. Logos International

8. Let Us Praise - Judson Cornwall - publ. Logos International

9. Let Us Draw Near - Judson Cornwall - publ. Logos International

10. Worship As David Lived it - Judson Cornwall - publ. Revival Press

11. The Secret Of Personal Prayer - Judson Cornwall - publ. Creation House

12. Things We Adore - Judson Cornwall - publ. Destiny Image Publishers