Bible Study


I have been so encouraged over the years by reading the Bible from cover-to-cover. I have read many different versions from the most poetic King James version to modern paraphrases – The Living Bible/The Message.

The Bible is the only book where it is necessary to have the Author with you to interpret what it is saying. The Holy Spirit has regularly brought to life the meaning of passages, often at crucial moments in my life. There have been many surprises.

Also, I have found it valuable to take a Bible chapter and study it in detail. For study I have used a New International version, and a Schofield Reference Bible (King James version). Both have references in the margins to look up other verses and passages. The time taken has been valuable, and again, there have been many surprises.

I would like to share a study of a Bible chapter, and invite you to work through it with me by first, reading through the chapter and then, looking up the references as we work through it verse by verse.

It maybe that God speaks to you personally, and reveals something other than what He revealed to me. In future other studies can be added which I hope will prove valuable.